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Celebrate Your Special Occasion Aboard Our Sailboat!

Wedding Engagement  - Have your engagement photo shoot against the backdrop of the setting sun on the Halifax River.  You may choose to end the night with a basket of wine and cheese, making your special day a memorable moment.


Bridal Shower Tour – Surprise your special friend with a long day cruise to the beach, or a 2 hour girls bash, where what happens on the boat stays on the boat. Or keep it going with the nightlife in Daytona Beach.


Bachelorette Boat Rides - Round up your besties and your favorite libations and climb aboard the Howling Owl Sailboat to celebrate the people that have always been there for you, as you look forward to married bliss!


Honeymoon Trips – Congratulations on your big wedding day!! Come join us on a post-wedding boat trip, to make your first memories as a married couple.  Bring your camera, and don’t forget to stop into Caribbean Jacks after, for more music, food, and dessert!!


Baby Moon Private Cruise – Savor your last moments of quiet married bliss, with the serenity of a private boat tour.  Take this time to enjoy each other with the views and sounds of the water and dolphins around you.  This is a great time to reflect, and prepare for your new adventure ahead. 


  • Mothers / Fathers Day


  • Graduation Cruise


  • Birthday Boat Ride


  • Daytona Bikeweek 2022


  • Spring Break Daytona 2022


  • 3 Day Weekender (Labor Memorial Columbus)


  • 4th of July River Tour

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